Campbell City Schools response after less than 48 hours of notification. This response has the appearance of being written by the district’s legal council. The district has been very short with Mr. Hayslett during many records requests. He was sent a cease and desist by OCTELA lawyer trying to stop him from further records requests of school districts. This was in fact a breach of PII including social security numbers of current and prior board members, conference speakers & authors. Karen Carney has sent this information back out from her Campbell City Schools accounts to multiple emails at Gmail and Yahoo!. This further erodes confidence in OCTELA Board Member & Treasurer Karen Carney. The district also admitted her commingling of OCTELA and Campbell City Schools. The first formal complaint on misuses of IT resources at Campbell and proven use of foul language was denied by the district’s Superintendent Matthew Bowen.

The district also received many emails from Worthington City Schools teacher and OCTELA President Cameron Carter, who sent conference speaker contracts and IRS W-9 (unredacted). These were sent to Ms. Carney’s Campbell City Schools email as well as to you Gmail and Yahoo! email accounts. A notification and complaint has been sent to Mr. Carter’s district as well.

It should be noted, that many of the affected individuals have not been notified by Campbell City Schools yet. Likewise, common sense dictates that this breach of privacy should mean that both OCTELA and Worthington City Schools should have to notify affected parties as well.

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