OCTELA President Cameron Carter, in what might be considered unprofessional and teetering on the balance of negligence, has been found in many instances to be sending IRS W9’s to OCTELA Treasurer Karen Carney. Not only did he store personal identifiable information (PII) on Worthington City Schools he sent these same W9’s to multiple email accounts including Yahoo! and Gmail accounts (did we mention from Worthington City Schools Email already?). Not only has he put the keynote speakers PII at risk, he put Worthington City Schools at risk for storing PII they never should had in the first place. He along with Karen Carney has put OCTELA at risk as well as themselves individually as board members. Last we knew OCTELA did not have a Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance, and if they have it now we seriously doubt they would cover it after investigation. The question is will Worthington City Schools just slap him on the wrist or will they take action. A formal complaint and demand for investigation was sent weeks ago without a response. That can take 30-60 days though, so that is understandable. We don’t think a union or continuing contract will be able to hold up to this breach of trust, it is time to take ACTION!

We question Cameron and Karen’s leadership (lets be honest, the entire board, down to 7 from 21 board members is a disgrace to the 60+ year of the OCTELA organization). We question the school districts for not having checks and balances on their email systems to actively look for PII and be more proactive with safeguards. It it time for organizations to implement proper Governance, and not just IT or Data Governance.

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