Karen Carney used Campbell City Schools resources to complete job duties for the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA)!

Carney works as the treasurer of OCTELA, an affiliate of the National Council Teachers of English (NCTE). This paid position requires Carney to oversee tax documents for other board members and keynote speakers with whom the organization contracts. In what some might describe as an act of irresponsibility…in what others might describe as a disregard for professionalism…Carney used her Campbell City Schools email to send–and receive!–sensitive information about those who entrusted her to do the right thing. Rather than using a dedicated platform, Carney sent PII (names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security (SSN) and Tax Identification (EIN) Numbers, etc.) in the body of email addresses and saved within un-encrypted Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Documents which Carney sent and forwarded to various email addresses. Some of these emails were sent during during the school day when some might say that Carney should be focused on her contractual obligations, not on earning a side-hustle stipend!

This only came to light after a public records request had been submitted. To make matters worse (if that is possible!) Campbell City Schools sent unredacted emails and documents to the person who had made the FOIA requests. At this point, it unclear just how far and wide this data breach has possibly gone.

But, hey, thanks to Campbell City Schools for offering fraud protection service. What exactly are they going to do to protect OCTELA members and keynotes from Karen Carney’s flagrant disregard for professionalism in the future?

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