It is interesting that the OCTELA President, Cameron Carter, an appointed President due to a resignation earlier, found his calling to take control of an organization that had 21 board members (now only 7 remain). It is also interesting that Mr. Carter used to be a student teacher at Campbell City Schools under OCTELA treasurer Karen Carney. Earlier in the morning, Mr. Carter was already looking up the Constitution and By-Laws as well as his Job Description. Throughout this day the contention that both Mr. Carter and Ms. Carney created is absurd. One has to wonder, if they both were teaching this day how did they find so much time under school district contracts to send all these emails (there a many many more that could be shared). This is near the beginning of the revelations caught on public records requests. More to come around the appointment of Sarah Ressler Wright, which is also caught in public records requests. This time period is start of the beginning of the end of a great non-profit 501(c)3 organization OCTELA!

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