Email from Cameron Carter to President Elect and Vice President of OCTELA in regards to a resignation easily can be obtained via a public records requests. Mr. Carter has been documented in many instance to try to control the narrative. Part of this is why the board is now down to 7 board members when there was 21 board members.

Cameron is quoted as stating the following:
After consulting with our OCTELA attorney, please review the following:

  1. The letter of resignation need not to be shared with Karla Hayslett. This is an item related to the business of the organization, not the membership at large, and, nothing is easily discoverable pre-litigation. As discussed on Zoom last night, there is no basis for litigation, so it does not seem beneficial to hand stuff out that would not otherwise be required to be provided.
  2. Anything pertaining to our conversation last night is not only protected by Executive Session, but, also by attorney-client privilege. Beth and Jen, please do not discuss items of the meeting with anyone. Thank you for your professionalism in this matter.

Cameron Carter
President, OCTELA

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